TC Roncey

Many moons ago, TC Roncey set sail from a land of Singhas and Elephants for a new world. TC embarked on the quest to acquire knowledge on economics and business behind an ivy-covered wall and has since ventured into lands with names like Corporate America, Non-profits, Museums and Education. Like everyone else in those lands, he faces giants, dragons, wizards, fairies and other beings.  To make sense of his journey, TC reads children’s stories and fairy tales to find inspiration, foresight and even a little magic. After all, we all might need a bit magic to make complex things simple and to guide others to see what’s invisible or to go find the elusive unicorn.

– TC Roncey

PM Rogers

How pleasant to know Ms. Rogers,
Who has recommended such volumes of stuff.
Some think of her strange even dodgers,
But a few find her pleasant enough.

She often sits admiring in tears,
At the hundreds of books on the wall;
She drinks a great deal of beers,
But never gets tipsy at all.
She has many friends, laymen and clerical,
Blind Rocket is the name of her dog;
Her body is perfectly spherical,
She now writith a runcible blog.
When she walks in waterproof boots,
The children run after her so!
Calling out, "She's gone out in her zoots!
That crazy old Zoni-woman, oh!"
She reads, but she does not speak, Spanish,
She cannot abide mean ol’ codgers;
Ere the days of her oddness done vanish,
How pleasant to know Ms. Rogers!

 – PM Rogers

Adapted from Mr. Edward Lear’s “Self Portrait of the Advocate of Nonsense”, 
A Book of Nonsense, 1846.